Best Diesel Engine Degreaser Cleaner For Boats

Powerful Boat Engine Degreaser Cleaner is Turning Heads

L-44 ECD green engine cleaner is making news headlines. Discover today how you can try a free sample of the new product the DfE has recognized. In fact, “Custom Compounders plans to formulate new products for DfE recognition in the other markets it supplies. These plans include the reformulation of existing products with greener ingredient alternatives. The company recently received DfE recognition for an additional degreaser, L-44 ECDB, and has submitted L-44 SSC, a hard surface cleaner, for DfE ”direct release review” qualification. DfE requires products used outdoors that may be discharged directly to land or water to meet a higher “direct release” standard.” Learn more by visiting the documentation link…Dfe Case Study